Benefits of magnetic treatment

Study on the tangible benefits of magnetic water treatment.
Thanks to magnetic water treatment, the corrosion products on the pipe walls were released into the water, clearing previous iron and copper deposits.

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Study on the tangible benefits of magnetic water treatment

The study, which involved researchers from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and three Finnish universities, examined the effects of Bauer’s magnetic water treatment in a new pilot water supply system and the water supply system of an old building. The samples and measurements were collected between 2012 and 2013. The study provides undeniable proof that magnetic water treatment detaches the corrosion products on the pipe walls and releases them into the water, clearing previous iron and copper deposits.

The laboratory results on the pilot water supply system indicate that magnetic water treatment significantly limits CaCO₃ sedimentation on the interior walls of copper and polyethylene pipes. The results from the existing living lab piping network, in turn, indicated that Bauer’s chemical-free water treatment technology significantly impacts the formation of corrosion products in copper pipes. The deposits begin to dissolve into the water. In addition to this, the treatment significantly impacts the behaviour of iron in the domestic water.

The researchers concluded that using electromagnetic chemical-free water treatment technology could be favourable to the hot water circulation and domestic water systems of properties. Naturally, the observations depend on the device used.

Abstract: The ‘Studies on magnetic water treatment in new pilot scale drinking water system and in old existing real-life water system’ project was led by Ph.D. Martti Latva of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The researchers that took part in the project were Jenni Inkinen, Aalto University, Jaakko Rämö, University of Oulu, Tuija Kaunisto, Riika Mäkinen and Merja Ahonen, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Jaana Matilainen, Cupori Oy, and Simo Pehkonen, University of Eastern Finland.

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