Our customers’ experiences of Bauer water treatment solutions

A list of videos covering our water treatment equipment and complete installations is provided below. The videos illustrate the operating principle of the solution and the installation of the equipment clearly. The site overviews also include comments on the Bauer water treatment equipment from fitters, technical property managers and building residents.

Bauer water treatment devices in the heating and water supply systems of new detached houses

The Bauer water treatment solution is suitable for the water supply and heating systems of new detached houses. It also works flawlessly with composite pipes.

This heating equipment installer from Joensuu has seen the benefits of the Bauer equipment in practice.

After installing Bauer solutions in dozens of buildings, he decided to get one for his own house as well. The system has now been in operation for slightly more than four years. Soon after installation, the piping system and the water circulating in it began to get cleaner. This has reduced heating and maintenance costs significantly.

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The Bauer water treatment system postponed the need for a pipe renovation by 10–20 years

The Bauer solution minimised the system’s heat adjustments and repairs at a marginal total cost. It eliminated costs resulting from guesswork and postponed the need for piping renovations for at least 10–20 years.

In fact, the residents now feel that a Bauer water treatment solution should be installed in heating networks from the get-go instead of adding them as a final resort. It should be a standard preventive solution for new buildings and old buildings in the context of piping and heating renovations to clear away sediment and even blockages.

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Adding a Bauer water treatment system when installing a geothermal and solar heating solution

The Asunto Oy Ristipolku housing company, which consists of a building constructed in the late 1970s, deviced to have a Bauer water treatment device installed in conjunction with geothermal and solar heating solutions. Before the renovation, the housing company’s oil costs climbed to €75,000 a year, which meant that a way to reduce them had to be found as quickly as possible.

According to the chairman of the housing company board, Esko Kinnunen, the radiator network has become cleaner after the installation and the surface temperature of the radiators has increased, leading to more heat output per housing unit. The residents have been very happy with the device; the heating system works well and there has been no need to increase maintenance charges. The savings related to domestic hot water alone have been significant, leaving more funds for other renovations.

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Bauer water treatment solutions resolves the heating problems of Miekkoniemi day care centre

Constructed in 1988, the Miekkoniemi day care centre in Savonlinna began to suffer from heating issues in the early 2000s. There were cold spots around the building and radiators needed to be cleaned annually. The network contained plenty of sediment, which prevented water circulation.

Initially, an attempt was made to clean the network with chemicals, but with little success. Bauer water treatment devices were installed in the building in 2012. That was the end of heating-related complaints, and the radiators have heated up evenly throughout the building.

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Bauer water treatment equipment ensure savings and functional reliability

One Suonenjoki-based berry farm has a very advanced and environmentally-friendly heating system. The previous system consumed 7,000–8,000 litres of fuel oil a year. The current geothermal system that replaced the oil boiler in 2009 consumes 2,500–3,000 euros worth of electricity.

The Bauer water treatment devices were installed in the building in conjunction with the installation of the geothermal pumps. The Bauer devices protect the new heat source and improve the functionality of the old heating system components, such as the piping, valves and radiators. The clean system ensures improved heat transfer and operational reliability.

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Achieve €17,000 in savings with Bauer water treatment equipment

In 2009, the Särkiniemen Haka housing company decided to install Bauer water treatment equipment in its heating and water supply systems. The properties managed by the company include 88 housing units. According to the district heating network’s consumption report, the Bauer equipment yielded 19% in savings compared to corresponding months in 2007 and 2011.

In addition to this, it has been possible to reduce the temperature of the water circulating in the radiator network by eight degrees. The cooling ratio in the radiator network has improved by approx. 11% and, correspondingly, it has been possible to reduce the water volume by 14%. In practice, these energy saving figures result in monthly savings of more than 2,000 euros for the housing company.

When the equipment acquisition was being considered in 2009, the housing company’s buildings had a total of 37 radiators that were not heating up properly. The installation of the Bauer water treatment equipment restored radiator functionality in all properties. Moreover, there has been no need for radiator cleaning and network flushing. The housing company was planning a pipe renovation, which the chairman of the housing company board Ari Miettinen now says has been pushed far into the future. This has increased the prices per square metre in the buildings by up to 600 euros. The investment has also reduced the consumption of domestic water significantly. The Bauer water treatment equipment has reduced the need to run water from taps and showers to get hot water and eliminated leaks in water fixtures.

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Installing a Bauer water treatment solution in a water supply system

The installation of the Bauer water treatment device in the water supply system is always handled by a professional. The Bauer water treatment solution extends the service life of the plumbing as well as other related components and actuators. Keep your pipes clean. You will save a lot of money. The environment will also be better for it.

Make an improvement and add a Bauer water treatment solution to your building’s piping system

Bauer Watertechnology Oy specialises in chemical-free water treatment. The Bauer water treatment system ensures excellent water quality in domestic water, heating, humidification and cooling systems, naturally without chemicals.

The solution consists of the water treatment section, which is connected to the piping, and the control unit. The Bauer water treatment system prevents deposits, protects the pipes and extends their service life. Deposits are formed regardless of the pipe materials. There is plenty of evidence of the results achieved with the Bauer equipment. A filter for removing sediment is also installed in heating and cooling systems. The filter cartridge collects impurities from the system.

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Installation instructions for Bauer water treatment equipment

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