Bauer water treatment systems for traffic


Bauer water treatment solutions improve the comfort of transport centres, airports and ships and reduce maintenance costs.

The entirely chemical-free technology developed by Bauer Watertechnology covers a wide range of needs in the transport sector. Efficient cooling and heating systems improve customer satisfaction and reduce maintenance and upkeep costs.

Bauer water treatment solutions ensure that the water and sewer systems of passenger terminals and stations that serve thousands of people each day work flawlessly. They prevent sewer blockages caused by calcium carbonate, for example. The solution also enables a significant reduction in the use of chemicals and cleaning time.

Examples of applications:

  • Ships
  • Airports
  • Terminals / transport centres
  • Car washes

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Bauer design guide

The Bauer design guide is intended for HVAC and plumbing professionals. It provides detailed information on equipment installation.