Bauer water treatment solutions for industry


Bauer water treatment solutions help to maximise the production efficiency of demanding industrial facilities and significantly reduce operating costs.

The fully chemical-free technology developed by Bauer Watertechnology increases the efficiency of industrial production and improves reliability. Flawlessly operating water, heating and cooling systems prevent production interruptions and the high-quality process water helps improve the quality of the end product at plastic factories and paper mills, for example.

The Bauer water treatment solution extends the service life of systems as well as industrial machinery and equipment, along with ensuring considerable savings in maintenance and upkeep. With improved efficiency across all system areas, the facilities will consume less energy overall.

Examples of applications:

  • Food industry
  • Paper industry
  • Metal industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Energy industry

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“Thanks to the Bauer Pipejet equipment, we have saved a lot of effort, time and money – with significant benefits to production and quality,” says Pekka Reponen, Manager, Environmental Affairs and Development, StoraEnso.

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Bauer design guide

The Bauer design guide is intended for HVAC and plumbing professionals. It provides detailed information on equipment installation.