Hotels and restaurants

Bauer water treatment solutions improve customer comfort, increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs in hotels and restaurants.

The fully chemical-free technology developed by Bauer Watertechnology suits the needs of hotels, restaurants, cafés and institutional kitchens. Clean water and flawlessly functioning heating and cooling equipment increase comfort and customer satisfaction. In addition to this, peak productivity is ensured since all devices from dishwashers to steam ovens work more reliably and for a longer period of time.

The Bauer water treatment solution extends the service life of water supply, heating and air conditioning systems and yields significant savings in repair and maintenance costs. It also reduces energy consumption by ensuring improved efficiency across all system areas. The chemical-free solution reduces cleaning time as well as washing agent and cleaning costs.

Examples of applications:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Institutional kitchens

Read about frequently asked topics, view practical examples in the customer testimonials below and contact us and talk about how Bauer solutions can improve the efficiency of water supply, heating and ventilation systems in hotel and restaurant premises!


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Bauer design guide

The Bauer design guide is intended for HVAC and plumbing professionals. It provides detailed information on equipment installation.