Description of file and data security policy

1. Data controller

Bauer Watertechnology Oy

2. Contact person for matters pertaining to the file

Erja Leppänen
tel. +358 (0)9 276 99556
Jaakonkatu 2
FI-01620 Vantaa

3. Name of file

Bauer Watertechnology Oy’s personal data file on customers and marketing information.

4. Data subject group

Representatives of Bauer Watertechnology Oy’s customers, end customers, potential customers and potential end customers.

5. Purpose of data processing

Personal data are processed for the following purposes:
– Creation/registration of customer relationships
– Delivery of products and services to the customer and invoicing
– Creation/registration of customer relationships
– Management and development of customer relationships as well as contact
– Development of business operations and customer service
– Marketing of company products and events
– Statistical and analytical purposes, including website analytics
– Polls, market research and questionnaires

6. Information content of file

The following information is collected and stored on customers:
– Name of customer
– Name and business ID of company
– Contact information: Invoicing and postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and title
– Name and contact information of company’s contact persons and record of a possible direct marketing restriction
– Customer feedback information
– Other possible information obtained with the customer’s consent

7. Regular information sources

The information is primarily collected from the customers themselves by telephone or e-mail, at trade fairs, through social media services or online contact forms and from publicly available sources.

8. Regular disclosures of information

Information will not be disclosed to external parties. Information may be disclosed to authorities to the extent permitted and required by the effective legislation.

9. Disclosure and transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEC

Information in the register will not be disclosed or transferred outside the EU or EEC.

10. Principles of protecting the file

Manual documentation: All possible manually processed documents will be kept in a locked space that can only be accessed by specific employees of the controller. The property features access control.
Materials processed with ICT: The file can only be accessed by those persons operating within the controller’s network who need the information for their work tasks or file maintenance duties. These employees have personal user IDs and passwords. Register information is kept in protected server rooms in accordance with the general practices of the field. Persons who process information are bound by an obligation of secrecy in accordance with Section 33 of the Personal Data Act.

11. Right of access

Data subjects have the right to access and check the information on them in the controller’s data file. In the event that a data subject wishes to exercise the right of access, they must send a signed access request to the controller at the address Bauer Watertechnology Oy, Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa or visit this address personally with a document that proves their identity. In the access request, the data subject must state their name, the name of the relevant organisation or entity, address and telephone number The information must be delivered as soon as possible and always within the statutory period of three months. According to the Personal Data Act, the personal data can be accessed and examined free of charge once a year.

12. Right to rectification

In the event that a data subject’s information contains errors, they can request the rectification of the information in accordance with Section 29 of the Personal Data Act. The rectification request must be submitted by sending it, with the data subject’s signature, to the controller at the address Bauer Watertechnology Oy, Jaakonkatu 2, FI-01620 Vantaa, or by visiting this address personally with an identity-confirming document.

13. Right to prohibit processing

Pursuant to Section 30 of the Personal Data Act, data subjects have the right to prohibit the controller from processing their personal data for the purposes of direct advertising, remote sales, other direct marketing, market surveys and opinion polls. Data subjects can exercise their right to prohibit processing by calling our telephone exchange at +358 (0)9 276 99 556 or by contacting us in writing at the address Bauer Watertechnology Oy, Jaakonkatu 2, FI-01620 Vantaa.

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We process  personal data in accordance with the data protection legislation as well as good information management and processing practices. Read our data protection policy here.

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