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A list of videos covering our water treatment equipment and complete installations is provided below. The videos illustrate the operating principle of the solution and the installation of the equipment clearly. The site overviews also include comments on the Bauer water treatment equipment from fitters, technical property managers and building residents.

Bauer water treatment device installation - drinking water system

This clip shows how easy it is for a plumber to install the chemical-free Bauer water treatment device to protect the entire drinking and warm water system.

17 000€ savings in annual heating costs with the help of chemical-free Bauer water treatment device!

Housing association in Kuopio (Finland) achieved remarkable savings in their annual heating expenses thanks to the installation of the chemical-free water treatment device from Bauer Watertechnology. In addition, they were able to postpone an impending plumbing renovation (re-piping) as the complete piping system was cleaned from limescale layers and corrosion deposits.

Additional benefits:
– 37 troublesome radiators started to work again
– Constantly recurring service and repair tasks all but seized completely
– Temperature and pressure fluctuations (showers and taps) were cleared
– The value of the apartments rose from 1100€/sq.m to 1700€

Miekkoniemi day-care centre

Miekkoniemi day-care centre in Savonlinna, built in 1988, started to suffer from heating troubles in the beginning of 2000. All around the building they were struggling with the cold and the cleaning of the radiators was a yearly task. The heating network was filled with sludge that hampered the water flow in the radiators. Chemicals were used in order to clean the system but to no avail. In 2012, Bauer water treatment equipment was installed. Complaints about the cold ended thereafter and the radiators in different parts of the building have been warming up evenly ever since.

Installation instructions for Bauer water treatment equipment

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Bauer design guide

The Bauer design guide is intended for HVAC and plumbing professionals. It provides detailed information on equipment installation.